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BOMA-SF-PAC evaluates and supports candidates and issues that promote the economic vitality and the health of the commercial real estate industry - and opposes those that would harm it.

The legislative landscape is changing.  More and more proposals affecting building owners and asset managers — new taxes, fees and land-use restrictions — are going to the ballot.  BOMA is well informed and prepared.  The BOMA-SF-PAC is the largest and most effective PAC in San Francisco, organized to protect the interests of the commercial real estate industry.  Each election cycle, BOMA analyzes local ballot initiatives and interviews local candidates. When necessary, BOMA is prepared to bring its own policy initiatives to voters directly. BOMA raises its funds through voluntary contributions from its members and supporters, and when necessary through special campaigns, to support or defeat important legislation.  Our staff understands the complex rules governing PACs and political campaigns to ensure compliance with all laws.

Specifically, the BOMA SF-PAC works to:

  • Initiate and support measures that will help the commercial real estate industry.
  • Modify or defeat legislation that could adversely impact San Francisco's business property owners.
  • Regularly meet and communicate our industry's concerns to city, state and Federal officials.
  • Support business-friendly candidates for San Francisco's Board of Supervisors and other elected or appointed offices which impact commercial real estate. 
  • Build coalitions and partnerships with other groups with similar goals and objectives.
  • BOMA-SF-PAC supports the association's public policy objectives.BOMA's position on public affairs issues is developed through deliberation of the Government Affairs Policy Advisory Committee (GAPAC) and its technical committees (Energy & Environment, Codes & Regulations, and Emergency Preparedness).

As a BOMA sponsored political action committee, BOMA-SF-PAC makes recommendations to the BOMA Board of Directors on candidates and local propositions the association should support or oppose.  The BOMA-SF-PAC is comprised of eleven members who are elected to three year terms on a staggered basis for a maximum length of service of nine years.  Directors must have a strong interest in local and regional politics, be willing to donate to and attend fund raising events, assist with raising money as necessary and contribute candidly to discussions about issues and candidates.  If you would like to be considered for an appointment to the BOMA-SF-PAC, please contact the Chair to discuss your interest and qualifications.


Visit and subscribe to the BOMA San Francisco Advocacy Blog for the real-time updates of issues that affect the commercial real estate industry in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties. 

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