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BOMA San Francisco is actively working in collaboration with BOMA International to continually provide commercial real estate professionals with credible information on how to mitigate the potential health and business impacts of COVID-19. We’re here to help you navigate the latest industry updates, public health guidelines and government regulations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will regularly publish the latest press releases, BOMA resources, and information from our partners and association members as it becomes available. For the most detailed information on remaining state and local health requirements, as well as what is required in the workplace by Cal/OSHA, please see BOMA SF's comprehensive "State and Local Public Health Requirements as of October 15, 2021" guide linked at the bottom of the page.

As of October 15, 2021

  • Masks are required indoors in office settings for all individuals, unless the following requirements are met:
    • One of the following ventilation strategies are utilized: (1) all available windows and doors accessible to fresh outdoor air are kept open as long as air quality and weather conditions permit; (2) fully operational HVAC system; or (3) appropriately sized portable air cleaners in each room. For clarity, if windows and doors are closed due to air quality or weather conditions, then a Business or operator of a public or private facility must follow at least one of remaining ventilation strategies before allowing people to remove their masks.
    • All people entering the facility provide proof they are fully vaccinated. People who enter the office space on an intermittent or occasional basis for short periods of time (e.g., people who deliver goods or packages) do not need to provide proof of vaccination but must wear a mask. 
    • No children under 12 years old are present. If a child under 12 years old is present, everyone must wear a mask.
    • No person is unvaccinated due to a medical disability or religious exemption.
    • The people in the office space must be limited to the personnel of the business or other entity. No visitors may be present. If a visitor is present, everyone in the office space must wear a mask.
  • All capacity and distancing requirements have been lifted
  • Cal/OSHA's June 17, 2021 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) governs public health requirements in all workplaces
  • The City and County of San Francisco requires that proof of vaccination be shown for entry to restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and entertainment venues where food or drink is served inside, as well as gyms, recreation facilities and other indoor fitness establishments for all individuals 12 and older.

The City frequently updates the COVID-19 Outreach Toolkit. Some of the following signs are mandatory for buildings. BOMA SF recommends periodically checking for new, printable versions of the City’s required signs. These signs are listed below:

  • Get Vaccinated San Francisco. All San Francisco businesses are required to display a version of this poster in employee breakrooms.
  • Best Practices. All San Francisco businesses are required to display a version of this poster in front-facing highly visible entrances. It includes best practices and prevention measures to protect against COVID-19 transmission
  • Vaccination and Masks Required for All. This sign is required only for businesses where eating or drinking happens indoors, and fitness and recreational facilities must post a version of this flyer at public entrances
  • Vaccination and Masks Required for Staff.  This sign is required only for businesses where eating or drinking happens indoors, and fitness and recreational facilities. It must be posted in employee break rooms.

The City has also developed the following optional signs that you may wish to display in your building:

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