BOMA Annual Office Tenant Improvement Permit/Process Seminar October 18th - New Location! 

BOMA Window Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance Seminar November 2: Got OPOS?!

BOMA San Francisco PAC Issues Endorsements for Ballot Measures, Candidates

SF Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, Candidate for County Assessor, Pitches His Credentials to BOMA

San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick Speaks Out!

California State Senator Jackie Speier, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Addresses BOMA

BOMA Gets Update on City Hall from Supervisor Bevam Dufty

California Energy Commission's 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report

Update from U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Commercial Office Income and Expenses

San Francisco's Historical Trolley Cars - Living History at its best!

Upcoming Political Events of Interest to BOMA Members

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September 30, 2005, Volume 11, Number 8

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BOMA Annual Office Tenant Improvement Permit/Process Seminar October 18th - New Location! 
BOMA is proud to once-again present its annual codes seminar this year on the office tenant improvement permit process. This is a hands-on morning program, October 18th, beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 11:30 a.m. It will be held at a NEW LOCATION: the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Hotel, Rooms Pacific D & E. A top notch panel of speakers will cover all aspects of pulling a permit for tenant renovations. Topics will include: Pre-application reviews, Design and Permit Drawing preparation, the Plan Check Process, Fire Department review, the Construction Process, the Field Inspections, Construction debris recycling requirements, and Project Close-out. Speakers will include: Brady Tardy (Metro Construction, Chair of the seminar event), Greg Johnson (CAC Real Estate Management), Laurence Kornfield (Dept. of Building Inspection), Bill Mitchell (SF Fire Dept.), Jeffrey Feldman (IA Interior Architects), Skip Soskin (Huntsman Architectural Group), Spencer Gosch (DBI), Ken Cochrane (BCCI Construction), and Jim Bruntz (Commercial Interior Builders). This is one program no commercial property manager can afford to miss! It's also extremely valuable for any architect involved in commercial interior work in San Francisco, and members of the AIA/San Francisco Chapter are being invited to attend at the BOMA member price. To register for this event, visit

Special thanks are extended to the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association for underwriting this event as our major event sponsor. BOMA is also grateful to have additional financial support from: Alliance Roofing, CAC Real Estate Management Co., Inc., Pankow Special Projects, Peacock Construction, and Gallagher Construction Services.

BOMA Window Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance Seminar November 2: Got OPOS?!
BOMA San Francisco, in conjunction with BOMA Oakland/East Bay and BOMA Silicon Valley, is proud to present a unique and informative seminar on the rules, regulations, training requirements, the safety plans and the Operating Procedures Outline Sheet (OPOS) property owners must have in order to legally and safely clean their windows and exterior surfaces. This program will feature the head of Cal-OSH's Division of Industrial Safety, Larry McCune, Mike Dahlquist ( Safeworks, Inc.), Steve Lynn (Lynn Safety Services), Danny Murtagh (Boston Properties), Gregg Tinker (Tower Safety Services) and others. The seminar will be held on November 2nd, from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at PG & E's Conference Center A, 245 Market Street, in downtown San Francisco. Topics to be covered will include: current state safety laws and regulations, how to create an OPOS, the building owner and/or managers' responsibilities, fall protection, worker training, low, mid- and high-rise cleaning options, and each participant will receive a copy of BOMA's definitive Property Professional's Guide to the ANSI/IWCA 1-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard.  Register online at

BOMA wishes to thank the following companies for graciously sponsoring this event: Delta Window Cleaning Company, Inc. Lynn Safety Services, Spider California Safeworks, a division of Safeworks, LLC, and Tower Safety Services, Inc.

BOMA San Francisco PAC Issues Endorsements for Ballot Measures, Candidates
The BOMA San Francisco Political Action Committee, established in 1987 to review and recommend candidates and/or support/oppose city propositions to its membership, has made its recommendations for the upcoming November 8th election. Here is the BOMA Slate:
For Lt. Governor: Senator Jackie Speier (D) Hillsborough
The association has had a long and positive relationship with state Senator Jackie Speier, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor. Her 17 years of legislative experience, concerns for consumer rights, professionalism, and fairness have demonstrated her ability to move on to statewide office, and to greater leadership roles in California. Her goals of re-building the state's education system and infrastructure are both commendable and vital to our state's future. She has also been endorsed by California's senior Senator Dianne Feinstein. For all of these reasons, BOMA San Francisco is proud to support her candidacy for Lt. Governor, and urges our state association to do so as well. BOMA members wishing to make a contribution to Jackie Speier may do so by sending their non-tax deductible checks to Jackie for California (FPPC ID# 1246940), P.O.Box 112, Burlingame, CA 94011. Contributions must be accompanied by address, occupation, and employer information, and are limited to no more than $10,600.

For State Senate: Assembly Member Leland Yee (D) San Francisco
Leland Yee, former San Francisco School Board Member, Former San Francisco Supervisor, and now a member of the state Assembly, also has a long and positive relationship with BOMA. He received the BOMA Good Government award for exemplary public service in 2002. A fiscal conservative, Mr. Yee has opposed the idea that taxing one type of real estate at a higher rate is fair, and believes the state should look for ways to economize before it looks for ways to raise taxes. He consistently looks for ways to reduce waste in government. More recently, he has opposed the increased violence in video games being marketed to youth, and is supporting BOMA's efforts to clarify the state's laws governing commercial security deposits. Contributions to Yee's campaign can be made t Leland Yee for Senate (FPPC ID# 1268049), 1370 24th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122. Contributions are not tax deductible, are limited to no more than $3,300, and must be accompanied by the donar's address, occupation, and employer information.

For State Assembly: San Francisco Supervisor Fiona Ma (D) San Francisco
Supervisor Fiona Ma was elected to the Board in December, 2002, representing District 4 (Sunset/Parkside). As a CPA and tax accountant, Ma has brought a much-needed fiscal expertise to the city's top governing body, and has been a consistent vote to support good government measures while opposing more government spending programs. She was a prime sponsor of the biotech payroll tax credit legislation, which helped San Francisco land the Stem Cell Institute earlier this year. Ma understands you can't spend it until you have earned it, and supports economic development, job creation, homeownership initiatives, and quality of life measures such as "Care Not Cash" that have transformed San Francisco. She will utilize her considerable legislative and financial skills in Sacramento to protect our city's interests, and deserves to be elected to the California Assembly.  Contributions to Fiona Ma's campaign can be made t Fiona Ma, Democrat for Assembly (FPPC ID#1261603), 1500 Franklin Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94109. For further information, call 415-922-9522 or check out her website

For City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
Dennis Herrera has been an exemplary top attorney for the city, and in his first four year term, has demonstrated his ability to successfully defend the city when necessary, and to take action when he believes the city's interests are jeopardized. He has been so successful in effectively representing all communities in San Francisco that he has no opposition this November. BOMA extends its kudos to Dennis for a job well done, and to his election for another four years as our city's top government attorney. 

For City Treasurer: Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros had big shoes to fill when he was appointed a year ago to this citywide elected office by Mayor Newsom, replacing Susan Leal, who moved over to manage the city's public utility system. In this year, Cisneros has demonstrated a keen ability to continue the customer-friendly practices and services established by Leal and to manage the city's $5 billion treasury prudently. He has also moved to help low income residents establish bank accounts, and to apply for federal tax credits, bringing more money into the city's economy. He was the former Deputy General Manager for MUNI where he oversaw the transportation agency's $7 billion capital improvements program, and was instrumental in creating Proposition E, the charter reform measure that has greatly improved the system by giving it more independence from the Board of Supervisors. Contributions to Cisneros are encouraged, and can be made to Cisneros for Treasurer (FPPC ID# 1272566), P. O. Box 410990, San Francisco, CA 94141.
Contributions are limited to $500 per company or individual and are not tax-deductible.

For County Assessor/Recorder: NO ENDORSEMENT
It was the consensus of the BOMA PAC directors that this office deserves to be filled by an accomplished manager with fiscal and appraisal skills and experience. Competency, not political connections, was deemed most important. To that end, the BOMA PAC met with all three candidates, and expressed our desires for a more efficient office, and even made suggestions on how to move re-appraisals out more quickly and accurately. However, the Association, will not make an endorsement in this race, but will work with whomever is elected to turn this city department into the best Assessor's office in the state. The three Assessor candidates are:

     Phil Ting (current Assessor, appointed by Mayor Newsom two months ago), FPPC ID# 1278393, 945 Taraval Street, #219, San Francisco, CA 94116.
     Gerardo Sandoval (currently District 11 Supervisor), FPPC ID# 1278192, 584 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.
     Ron Chun (tax attorney/CPA), FPPC ID# 1278003, 595 Market Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105.

City Ballot Measures:
     Prop B - Steets and Sidewalks Bond - NO.  BOMA does not support using bond money for maintenance, and the upkeep of the city's streets, sidewalks and other infrastructure elements should be part of the annual budgeting process, not a bond, which should only be for long term capital improvements.
     Prop C - Ethics Commission Funding - NO. This is another proposition to enlarge and empower another city department with a dubious track record, at best.
     Prop D - MUNI Reform - NO. This measure is a power grab by the Board of Supervisors, at the expense of the Mayor and the operation of the municipal transportation system. Current reforms under Proposition E have given the agency a modicum of independence from the Board, and service has improved. Let's not derail this success by giving the Board of Supervisors more power to muck up the city's bus and rail system.
     Prop F - Neighborhood Firehouse Protection - NO. This ostensibly "mother and apple pie" measure is another great example of poor fiscal management and would lock the city into keeping the 42 existing firehouses open and staffed forever, regardless of changing firefighter technology, building codes, and the changing needs of the city's residents.  Tying the fiscal hands of city administrators is not wise planning, or prudent use of our city's resources.

The PAC Board took a NO POSITION on the other city propositions. (A, E, G, H, I)

California Ballot Measures:
     Proposition 75: YES
. BOMA California believes all employees, including public employees, should have the right to choose if their dues for union membership are used for political purposes.
     Proposition 76: YES. BOMA California believes the Governor should have the power to re-align budgets related to state spending and school funding, as it is his duty to submit a balanced budget each year to the Legislature.
     Proposition 77: YES. BOMA California believes the Legislature should NOT draw its own district boundaries, as this allows them to gerrymander the lines to protect the incumbent politicians. Retired judges will do a much better and more impartial job in establishing these political districts for the state Assembly, state Senate, and Congress.
     Proposition 80:  NO. This proposition would end the future ability of commercial energy customers, including BOMA members, to purchase power from the most competitive sources, and would lock consumers back into only doing business with their local investor-owned utility. Prop 80 is a blast to the past.  

The BOMA California PAC did not take a position on Propositions 73 (parental notice for pregnant minors), Proposition 74 (extension of teacher tenure period from 2 to 5 years), and Propositions 78/79 (competing discount drug measures)

SF Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, Candidate for County Assessor, Pitches His Credentials to BOMA
Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, District 11 (Ingleside, Oceanside, Excelsior) met with BOMA members on September 14, 2005, to share his thoughts on the current state of the Assessor's office, and his plans for improving it. He said he was sorry to say the San Francisco Assessor's office is the worst run one in California's 58 counties, even though that office is responsible for assessing over $100 billion in real property. The supervisor stated he did not deserve his "anti-downtown" reputation, although his campaign literature clearly had such a bias. He suggested the business community should do its part by not "belly-aching" that San Francisco is unfriendly to business because putting out that kind of message only hurts the city's future economic prospects. He added that he didn't believe the city's anti-business reputation had anything to do with the current Board of Supervisors.

Supervisor Sandoval stated he has worked for the City for over 15 years, and has chosen a life of government service. He believes the Assessor's office really needs someone with his legal skills who can more effectively defend the city's assessments, especially against appeals by large downtown office buildings owners, and would personally participate in such cases.  Sandoval received his law degree from Columbia University and his Masters in Urban Planning from UC - Berkeley.  Sandoval said he has been endorsed by Assembly Member Leland Yee, Janet Reilly, candidate for CA Assembly, Former Mayor Art Agnos, former Supervisors Tony Hall and Matt Gonzalez, and current Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Sophie Maxwell, Jake McGoldrick, Ross Mirkarimi, and Tom Ammiano. 

San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick Speaks Out!
BOMA leaders met with Supervisor Jake McGoldrick at a BOMA "coffee and conversation" event September 15th to discuss his thoughts on the city's future economic growth, taxes, civil service reforms, transportation and development policies.

McGoldrick characterized the Mayor's office as "mildewed with caution" and said that needed to change. McGoldrick favors having new developments contribute "public benefits" and supports planning policies that give developers more certainty in the process. He has introduced what has been called the "Better Neighborhoods" planning proposal that would limit discretionary reviews within any new 40 acres or more development, of which there are 9 or ten possible sites in the City, mostly in the southeast part of town

McGoldrick said he supports a new payroll tax break for so-called "clean tech" companies, but that the definition of "clean tech" has yet to be finalized.  He said he would not support an increase in the transfer tax at this time but did say he "wouldn't close the book on it sometime in the future if it kicked-in at a higher threshold." He said he would not support any increase in the parking tax until he was satisfied that every parking lot/garage operator in town was paying their fair share of taxes currently owed.

On transportation, McGoldrick stated he was a supporter of programs that would reduce car congestion in the City, but agreed the city's public transit system needed to be tip-top first. He said the "Transbay Project" was a "house of cards waiting to fall apart".

On civil service reforms, McGoldrick said the city's employees needed better performance standards and benchmarks, established with employee input, and, if you were going to "bump" someone because of seniority rights, you must have the funding in place to train that person in their new job, and that person must have the ability to quickly learn his/her job duties. 

McGoldrick said he would probably go back to teaching when this term as Supervisor ends.

California State Senator Jackie Speier, Candidate for Lt. Governor, Addresses BOMA
Senator Jackie Speier met with members of BOMA's San Francisco's Government and Public Affairs Committee, PAC Board, and Board or Directors on September 13, 2005, to discuss a variety of state legislative issues. Senator Speier told the group that this year had actually been a slow one in Sacramento because of the battle going on between the Republican Governor and the Democratic-controlled Legislature. She decried the wasted money on the special November 8th election, and said that several of the measures could have been resolved in the Legislature if the Governor had been willing to compromise. She gave an example of the Governor's initiative to extend the time for public school teachers to gain tenure from two years to five, and said the Legislature had agreed to four years, or double the current time necessary, but the Governor would not budge. Speier said the state's Chief Executive needs to be a good negotiator, but Governor Schwarzenegger does not like to compromise. She opposes all of his November ballot measures.

As a legislator for the past 17 years, Senator Speier said she has built up a good track record in support of consumer rights, and the protection of the public health and welfare. She took on the financial industry in her fight to protect consumer privacy rights, and is proud that California now has the strongest financial information privacy protection laws of any state in the country. Speier stated she was very concerned about the 70% recidivism rate for California's prison population, and wanted to increase the job training for all parolees, and increase the use of electronic monitoring devices to supervise parolees.

On the education front, Speier stated that California is 42nd in the nation in spending per pupil in K-12, and that that statistic is reinforced by our state being 49th in the nation for its percentage of high school graduates that go on to college.  She said she wants to be the "Guardian Angel of Higher Education", and stated our state's real "gold rush" was attributable to its early investment in public education and research institutions, which were models for the nation at one time. She wants to regain that leadership in education for the sake of our children at all educational levels.

Senator Speier has been endorsed for Lt. Governor by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and Speaker of the Assembly, Fabian Nunez. Her opponents in the Democratic primary are state Senator Liz Figeroa (Fremont) and State Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi.

On the issue of split roll taxes, Senator Speier said she thought such initiatives were "bad public policy" and offered to be a facilitator in the discussions between the state's property owners and public school teachers on future funding options, if it would help bring everyone to agreement. Speier stated her priorities are tw rebuild the state's education system and the state's infrastructure, both of which have greatly deteriorated. She laughingly added "We could privatize Caltrans tomorrow and it wouldn't be too soon for me!"

BOMA Gets on City Hall from Supervisor Bevan Dufty
Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who represents the Castro, Noe Valley and Glen Park sections of San Francisco, met with BOMA leaders on September 19th to discuss current city issues. He also announced he was definitely running for re-election next year. Dufty defended his support for the Mayor and said Newsom is the real deal, and very earnest in his desire to make this city cleaner, safer, and efficient.

Dufty extolled the City of Vancouver as an example of a place that knows how to build adequate housing, and wants San Francisco to emulate that model. He would like to see an end to the waiting list for Tenancies in Common to convert to homeownership condo units, but did not want homeownership at any costs. He said he did not support the methods employed to extract additional impact fees from the residential developers on Rincon Hill, but was hopeful those funds would ultimately be used appropriately.

Dufty stated he favored some civil service reforms at City Government, but thought they should be done incrementally and not done through the initiative process.  Dufty also was not inclined to support new taxes on city residents.  Dufty is an avid supported of community benefit districts and said two were forming in his district: on Castro St., in the Castro, and on 24th Street in Noe Valley.

California Energy Commission's 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report
The California Energy Commission just released a draft version of its 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report, and it was a pretty somber overview of the state's energy problems. The report cautions, "California's way of life is threatened by its growing dependence on oil and natural gas, spiraling energy prices, potential supply shortages, and an inadequate and aging energy delivery infrastructure." The draft report included many recommendations such as an increased emphasis on energy efficiency programs that provide savings at peak times, expansion of the state's petroleum infrastructure, creation of a better transmission planning and permitting process, and evaluation of pricing options that would increase the cost of driving. The CEC will consider a revised final report for adoption at a November 16th meeting. To download a copy of the 176 page report, go to

Update from U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Have you checked out the new Federal website with the most up-to-date information on being prepared for a possible terrorist attack? Have you distributed this useful information to your tenants? If not, log onto This site gives you an overview of the types of threats to prepare for, such as a biological threat, chemical threat, explosions, radiation threats, and natural disasters. It also discusses how to make a plan to deal with these situations, and what emergency supplies should be kept near by. Don't be caught by surprise. Get this information out to your tenants now, and also check the website for additional emergency preparedness information.

U.S. Commercial Office Income and Expenses
Based on BOMA's 2005 Experience Exchange Report, here are a few interesting statistics, published in the July/August edition of The BOMA International Magazine:
All Metropolitan Areas By Building Class ($/RSF)
Income   Class A  Class B  Class C
Office Rent  $22.05  $17.11  $15.27
Total Income  $23.62  $17.89  $16.85 

Operating Expenses $6.70  $6.71  $5.91
Fixed Expenses  $3.73  $2.79  $2.07
Total Expenses  $10.23  $9.28  $7.68  

Highest Total Income Cities ($/RSF)
Downtown   Suburban
#1. New York, NY - $42.81  San Mateo, CA - $37.57
#2. Washington, DC - $37.96 Stamford, CT - $33.37
#3. Boston, MA - $37.03  Santa Monica, CA - $31.37
#4. San Francisco - $36.40  San Francisco, CA - $30.15
#5. San Jose - CA $35.76  San Diego, CA - $29.64

Most Expensive (Fixed + Operational Costs) Cities For Office Buildings
Downtown   Suburban
#1. New York, NY - $18.48 New York - $15.76
#2. Boston, MA - $14.77  Honolulu, HI - $13.27
#3. Indianapolis, IN - $14.64  Newark, NJ - $12.27
#4. San Francisco, CA - $13.58 Stamford, CT - $12.03
#5. Washington, DC - $13.37 Santa Monica, CA - $11.51

Least Expensive Cities for Office Buildings
Downtown   Suburban
#1. Shreveport, LA - $4.46 Boise, ID - $4.66
#2. Dayton, OH - $4.56  Fayetteville, AK - $4.68
#3. Athens, GA - $5.50  Louisville, KY - $4.84
#4. Tulsa, OK - $5.76  Oklahoma City - $5.20
#5. Duluth, MN - $5.77  Shreveport, LA - $5.27

To order the complete 2005 Experience Exchange Report from BOMA International, visit

San Francisco's Historical Trolley Cars - Living History at its best!
The Market Street Railway is a private organization dedicated to purchasing and refurbishing vintage street cars for use on the city's F Line down Market Street and around the Embarcadero to Pier 39. BOMA members are encouraged to log onto their website at for more information or to take a tour of their "virtual museum". A physical museum and souvenir shop will open in the Hotel Vitale this coming month.

Upcoming Political Events of Interest to BOMA Members
BOMA San Francisco has scheduled a number of upcoming events to give members an opportunity to meet local and state political leaders. The meetings (morning coffee sessions or luncheons) are usually held at the BOMA office, and last one to one and a half hours. Come meet some VIPs! Put these dates on your calendar!

  • October 12, Wednesday, 8:30 a.m., SEAN ELSBERND, SF Supervisor
  • October 19, Wednesday, 12 noon (lunch provided), BARBARA KAUFMAN, Bay Area District Director for the Governor
  • October 26, Wednesday, 9:00 a.m., MICHELA ALIOTO-PIER, SF Supervisor
  • October 27, Thursday, 11:30 a.m., DEAN MACRIS, Interim SF Planning Director, at BOMA monthly luncheon, Palace Hotel. Fee to attend. Register at Dean will receive BOMA's Public Official of the Year award at this event.