Advocacy is at the heart of BOMA San Francisco's mission and activities. Through local membership, BOMA members are represented by a team of lobbyists at local, state, and federal level. The association works aggressively to promote the interests of our members by monitoring legislative proposals and advocating positions that enhance and protect the value of commercial real estate. Through our local public policy committees, BOMA San Francisco provides important commentary and policy guidance to legislators and regulators.


Local Advocacy

Our current local priorities include: Maintaining critical “back to the basics” local government budget funding to support clean and safe streets, SFPD staffing minimums, and reliable public transit infrastructure. Overhauling San Francisco’s burdensome business tax system to attract new businesses and retain existing ones to foster a pro-business climate that recognizes the tremendous impact of a thriving downtown. Eliminate complex planning requirements and taxes that hinder new investment in distressed or underperforming assets Promoting decarbonization strategies that are technologically and economically feasible while leveraging tax incentives to assist building owners with capital intensive projects

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State Advocacy

Our current state priorities include: Protecting Proposition 13 to ensure that property taxes are stable and predictable. Promoting sensible energy and environmental legislation to ensure that the perspective of property owners and managers is taken into account in the face of aggressive decarbonization mandates. Representing owners in legislative and budget discussions regarding adaptive reuse to ensure that any future legislation is viable for the industry.

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Federal Advocacy

Our current federal advocacy priorities include: Passing the Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act (H.R. 1491), which would nearly double the SBA’s maximum allowable cap for energy efficiency investments. Supporting legislation to expand real estate workforce development through financial incentives and official federal recognition of licenses and professional certifications. Providing the global built environment with the tools needed to implement carbon reduction strategies that improve building performance, provide pathways to demonstrate building emission reductions and ensure economic viability.

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Photos From Our Latest Advocacy Efforts