Real Property Administrator (RPA)

What is the RPA® Designation?

The RPA (Real Property Administrator) designation program positions property managers for success by providing insight into and knowledge of operating a commercial building. You’ll gain a full understanding of the diverse aspects of property management involved in analyzing a building in its entirety. The program will teach you to maximize a building’s net income while minimizing risks, thereby enhancing your standing in the industry, and positioning you for long-term success.

What will I learn?

In the RPA® program, you’ll learn how to enhance the value of the asset through proper and strategic decision making. Components of this program include design, operation, and maintenance of an office building. You will become fully versed in budgeting and accounting for commercial real estate, risk management, and best practices in bidding. This program also covers reviewing and selecting contract providers, marketing and leasing the building, and operating the asset from an owner’s perspective through a comprehensive asset management component.

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Benefits for Individuals

  • Our stackable credentials build on each other, reduce redundancy, and provide the critical knowledge and skills needed for personal and organizational success
  • Program content is developed and delivered by leading professionals in the industry and their areas of expertise – giving you real-world experiences and results
  • Holding one of BOMI’s industry-standard designations can significantly enhance your career opportunities and job security while increasing your knowledge, prestige, and earning potential
  • Our programs help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the property and facility management industries

Benefits for Employers

  • BOMI is the ONLY organization that offers education in property, facility, and building management
  • We offer education in distinct career paths for all of your employees, from finance and leasing to facility planning and building operations
  • Applying BOMI’s knowledge and training can help increase the value of your properties
  • Our consistent, high-quality educational programs add significant value by helping increase teamwork, efficiency, client satisfaction, cost savings, safety, and employee retention
  • BOMI graduates are more confident and more likely to take on additional job responsibilities, increasing productivity

Required courses:

  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I
  • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II
  • Environmental Health and Safety Issues
  • Ethics is Good Business®, ShortCourse
  • Law and Risk Management
  • Real Estate Investment and Finance

Elective courses (choose one):

  • Asset Management
  • Leasing and Marketing for Property Managers
  • Managing the Organization

Credential Requirements

Participants will complete eight courses and the RPA Capstone Exam to earn the RPA® designation. Learn more about program requirements and course content by visiting